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Free RPG Patsy is a character generator and total replacement
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Automatic calculations:
- Attack bonuses
- Armor Class, armor check penalty/non-proficiency penalty, maximum dexterity bonus from armor, and bonuses/penalties due to circumstances.
- Attribute Bonuses. All bonuses are automatically applied to appropriate skill checks, damage rolls, spells per day, spell DC, and anywhere else they are important
- Saving Throws
- Size modifiers
- Skill bonuses
- Spell DC
- Total inventory/equipment weight
- Load capacity/encumbrance penalty: Improved system shows you your current encumbrance penalty and optionally applies it where appropriate.
- Character Generator. Supports standard, psionic, epic, and prestige classes (47 in all). Multiclass up to 4 classes. Allows you to create complete, rule-compliant characters in a tiny fraction of the time it would take otherwise. Step by step assistant walks you through all the decisions you need to make when creating your character.
- Custom Data tools. RPG Patsy allows you to define your own abilities, classes, domains, feats, equipment, psionic powers, races, skills, and spells. After storing them in the custom library they can be used in the character generator, level-up tool, or anywhere else data of each type is used. Custom data can also be exported for sharing with other users.
- Level-up Tool: add levels to you character in seconds.
- Initiative Tracker*: dynamic tool lets you drag and drop to rearrange when necessary.
- Battle Tool* (improved). Now allows you to adjust HP, see your melee/ranged AC, and adjust stats for different situations (eg. prone, stunned, grappled) that can occur during a battle. Also, the GUI has been cleaned up and better organized and the connection between attacks and the weapons they are based on has been strengthened.
- Jump Calculator*
- Slot Tool*: keep track of what your character is carrying or wearing. Optionally, armor/shield AC can be automatically applied when worn and subtracted when armor is removed. Likewise, items in your character's inventory can be tied to modifiers which are automatically turned on/off as the item is equipped/put away.
- Grapple Tool*
- Spell planner/tracker*: plan which spells to use in advance and keep track of which ones they have used. Includes caster-level and concentration check rollers and calculates spell DC automatically.
- Chat Tool for covert messages to/from the DM or other players.
- Summoned Creature/Familiar Tool*
- Heirarchical Log/Notes Tool* for keeping track of game rules, campaign notes, loot, or any other text.
Dice Rollers:
- Specific-use rollers for skill checks, attack and damage rolls, saving throws, initiative checks, caster level checks, and attribute checks.
- General purpose dice rollers for other simple to moderately complex dice rolls
- Highly flexible custom dice rollers which allow you to save, modify, and re-use very complex dice rolls
- Full multi-class character support.
- A database of Skills, Feats, Equipment, Psionic Powers, Class Abilities, and Spells (with complete descriptions) which you can quickly and easily add to your character
- Tabs have been added for Class Abilities and Psionic Powers.
- A powerful inventory system which allows you to easily manage what your character is carrying, where he/she is carrying it (backpack, pouch, etc), and the total weight
- Print your character to a well-organized character sheet if you prefer to play with pencil and paper. The character sheet has been redesigned for version 4.
- Weapons now allow you to set a bonus which is automatically applied when using that weapon in the attack calculator
- Spells can now be filtered by name or level to make finding spells in your list easier.
- Keep track of elemental/spell resistances, damage reduction, epic attack, and epic saving throw bonus in new fields on Vitals page.
- Key commands have been added to facilitate switching between tabs and windows.

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